Sundays at Mercy Hill

What Happens on Sunday Mornings at Mercy Hill? 

One thing you will notice is that people are dressed comfortably -- even casually. Our services involve lively and heart-felt worship in song, led by gifted musicians. Most of our music is contemporary with a pop/rock feel but we also sing some ancient hymns, because they connect us with believers who have lived in the past, and they affirm powerful truth. 

We also have teaching from the Bible that is practical and thought-provoking.  At the end of the service there will be prayer for the congregation and, if you are interested, you can have the opportunity to receive further prayer from a team of people trained to pray in a loving, effective way. And somewhere in the service we take an offering with the hope that visitors can see themselves as our guests and not feel any pressure to give. 
Our goal is that through the music, the teaching, and the prayer time you would be able to personally connect with God and experience His love and mercy through Jesus.

What Will My Child Experience Sunday Morning?

Our Children’s Ministry classes are listed in the program you will receive (and if you have further questions our Greeters will help you). Newborns through four year olds have classes that start right at 10 AM. Jr. K through Fifth Graders have classes that begin after the opening set of musical worship (~ two songs). 

In these classes your children will be loved. They will be taught from the Bible about who God is and His care for them. They will be taught about how they can know God through trusting Jesus. They will have a craft to build and take home with them. They will have a lot of fun!

What We Believe

We are passionate about Bible doctrine.  Why?  Because Jesus said knowing the truth will free us from sin (John 8:31), Peter said grace and peace is multiplied through the knowledge of God (2 Peter 1:2), and two disciples had their hearts burn with passion as Jesus taught them Scriptures (Luke 24:32).

This means that the more we understand Bible doctrine, the more we will be free from sin, receive God’s grace and peace, and burn with passion for Jesus.  That makes Bible doctrine crucial.

For a more detailed overview of what we believe, read our What We Believe statement of faith.