Children @ MHC

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish a safe place to train the children of Mercy Hill Church to know the God of the Bible, to know His Word, and to stir up a Spirit given passion for Jesus so they can experience a proven personal faith in Him.  Our hope is that they will be a blessing to their family, their community, and their world. 

Our desire is to see the children of Mercy Hill experience the wonder and joy of trusting and knowing Jesus.  Our aim is to provide a safe place for children to grow in their faith in Jesus, as we teach the truth of God's Word, the power of prayer, and the joy of worship.

We do this by studying Bible-rich curriculum and training our kids to engage in Jesus-centered, small group practices such as applying God's promises to their every day situations, and praying for each other.  The occasional 5th Sunday in a month has been dedicated as Missions Sundays when we get to hear missionaries share how God has called them to share Jesus with people in far away lands.

The kids at Mercy Hill’s Children’s Ministry are trained in Mercy Hill’s main vision of pursuing faith, community, and mission. We share these goals with the children as we encourage them every week that Sundays are a time where we can come together each week and grow in our friendships, learn about Jesus, pray for each other, and learn how to share Jesus with our family and friends.

Mercy Hill's Children's Ministry is led by Sanvi & Kossiwa Bruce with the support of Lyndon & Pearl Lim. 

Sunday Classes

On Sunday mornings the Nursery and Preschool to 2nd grade classes are open at 9:45 AM (the church service starts at 10 am). 3rd through 5th grade children are dismissed to their classes after worship with the rest of the adult church family.

Our Sunday schedule typically looks like this:

Worship Time
Bible Story Time
Prayer Time
Activity Time

Get Involved

Are you a Mercy Hill Church Member interested in helping out on Sunday mornings? Please complete the application form and contact Sanvi & Kossiwa Bruce for more information!