San Jose

San Jose SkylineWhile San Jose’s a wonderful place to live, it’s got problems – like broken marriages, a high cost of living, racism, neglected children, greed, unemployment, and people who are successful but disillusioned. 

So what can we do?  There’s lots of possibilities.  But what makes the most sense to us is to do what Jesus did when he was here on earth. 

Jesus lived in a land full of poverty, oppression, greed, broken marriages, and racism – and what did he do?   

Jesus had compassion.  Again and again we read that Jesus was filled with compassion as he saw people who were sick (Matthew 14:14), people who were hungry (Mark 8:2), widows who were left alone (Luke 7:12-15), people who were oppressed (Matthew 9:36). 

So the first part of our mission is to have Jesus’ compassion – to feel His love and concern for our city and the people of this city.   

But compassion is not enough. 

Jesus helped the needy.  Jesus healed people who were sick (Matthew 14:14), fed those who were hungry (Mark 8:1-10), and brought a widow’s only son back to life (Luke 7:11-17).  Jesus cared about people’s physical and emotional needs, and took steps to meet these needs – and we should seek to do the same. 

So we at Mercy Hill Church also want to help the needy – by praying and caring for those who are sick, feeding the hungry, helping the poor.  Most of this is done on a grass-roots level through our home groups, as we meet needs in our neighborhoods and workplaces.  We also have also taken food to homeless encampments in San Jose, organized food distribution from our Sunday location, and bought Christmas presents for Allen school families whose kids would have gone without.

But Jesus did not stop there. 

Jesus understood our deepest need.  As tragic as poverty, sickness, and hunger are, Jesus knew we have a need that is far worse: we need to be saved from our sin (Matthew 1:21). 

Sin is more than just wrong actions.  Sin is our deep desire to be independent from God.  God created us so we could have the joy of knowing Him, trusting Him, depending on Him.  But all of us have rebelled against God’s purpose for us, and this is what the Bible calls sin. 

Jesus taught that sin has two terrible consequences.  One is that it enslaves us so we don’t want to turn to God and trust Him.  The other is that it condemns us so we face eternal punishment from God.   

But the good news is that Jesus’ death on the Cross saves us from both of these consequences.  If we will repent of our sin, and trust Jesus, then His death sets us free from the power of sin so we want to know Him and love Him and trust Him.  And His death pays for the guilt of sin so we are completely forgiven for our sin and will never face God’s wrath for our sin. 

So we at Mercy Hill Church want to follow Jesus’ example and focus on people’s deepest need – their need to be forgiven for their sin and freed from their sin.  How can we do that?  By doing what Jesus did -- 

Jesus urged people to understand and respond to the gospel.  “Gospel” is just another word for “good news” – the good news that through Jesus’ death we can be set free from our sin and forgiven for our sin and that we can experience the joy of knowing God the Father and Jesus the Son by the Holy Spirit. 

That’s why Jesus taught people the good news everywhere He went.  And we at Mercy Hill Church also want to tell people the good news everywhere we go.  We have been freed from sin’s guilt and power – and we want to do all we can to help people experience this. 

The result is that people and the city of San Jose will be transformed.  Empty people will find joy – in knowing God.  Guilty people will experience peace – in Jesus’ forgiveness.  Sinful people will be changed -- by Jesus’ power.  Poor people will be encouraged – by Jesus’ presence and promises.   

But Jesus did not stop there. 

Jesus formed his followers into intentional communities.  Jesus knew we would need each other to keep strong in following Him.  Which is why he urges us to form intentional communities – where we know each other, care for each other, pray for each other, and celebrate baptisms and Communion together.  Jesus called these intentional communities “church.” 

We at Mercy Hill Church want to be one of these communities.  And as we grow larger, we don’t want to lose the experience of genuine community.  Which is why we encourage our people to be in home groups – groups of 6 to 15 people who are a Christ-centered community pursuing Jesus’ mission together. 

So as we help people be freed from sin’s power and guilt through trusting Jesus, we invite them to become part of the larger community of Mercy Hill Church, and to become part of a smaller home group community

Where’s this all going?  Honestly, we don’t know.  But we believe Jesus has placed us here to bring the good news of Jesus to the city of San Jose in a big way.   

We would be thrilled if Jesus ended up multiplying dozens of home groups throughout the city – starting identical worship services in other locations throughout the city – and planting like-minded churches throughout the city. 

But in the meantime – we are going to seek to do what Jesus did –

Have compassion for San Jose

Help the needy in San Jose

Understand the deepest need in San Jose

Urge people to understand and respond to the gospel in San Jose

So join us as we pursue Mission San Jose.