Covenant Membership



What Is Covenant Membership?

Covenant membership at Mercy Hill is a way of going all in with us as we commit to “be the body” here and now together (1 Cor 12:27).  It’s a way of formalizing your commitment to this church—its leaders, members, mission, and ministries.  It’s a promise we make to one another—that we will participate meaningfully in this local assembly as we pursue God’s presence, grow together as His people, and live for His purpose in the world.

How Do I Become a Covenant Member?

There are three basic steps to becoming a Covenant Member at Mercy Hill Church:

Note: Critical to this process is the Covenant Membership Handbook which can be downloaded here and will be distributed in hard copy during the Covenant Membership Class. 


a.  Submit the Covenant Membership Class Registration Form.

  • The Covenant Membership Class consists of only one session two hours long. It takes place live on the church grounds following the Sunday Service. Lunch is provided during the class, with an optional Q&A coffee hour afterwards.

  • The class is offered on an as-requested basis (though no more than once per quarter). Once we receive even one Class Registration Form, we will open the opportunity up to the church at large. When all forms have been received, we will select a Sunday and launch!

b.  Attend the class and finish reading through the Covenant Membership Handbook.

  • The Covenant Membership Class will cover Sections I and II of the Covenant Membership Handbook. During the class you will learn what church membership is, why it’s important, and what it looks like at Mercy Hill.

  • After the class, Sections III through V of the Handbook are for you to read on your own time and at your own pace.1

c.  Fill out and submit the Covenant Membership Reflections Survey.

  • After attending the class and reading through the rest of the Handbook, please let us know how you feel about membership at Mercy Hill. Your thoughts, suggestions, lingering questions really matter to us!


a.  Fill out and submit the Covenant Membership Application Form.

  • If after taking the class and reading through the rest of the Handbook you are excited and desire to be a Covenant Member of Mercy Hill Church, this form is for you!

b.  Meet with an Elder for the Covenant Membership Conversation.

  • After we have received your application, we will reach out to you to schedule the Covenant Membership Conversation.  This meeting will take place between you and an Elder or two.  It gives us a chance to hear more of your spiritual story, answer any of your questions, and help you along your way in becoming a Covenant Member at Mercy Hill.

c.  Sign the Church Covenant.

  • This will take place in person at the end of the Covenant Membership Conversation meeting.

  • The Council of Elders will then prayerfully recommend you for Covenant Membership to the current Covenant Members of Mercy Hill Church.


a.  Receive our welcome into Covenant Membership at Mercy Hill Church!

  • As you commit to “be the body” here and now with us, please know that we also commit ourselves to the same with you. As a celebration of this, you will be welcomed into Covenant Membership during a Sunday Service. At that time, you will be introduced and prayed for by the church.


1  We should mention here that efforts have been made to keep the contents of this Handbook as simple and streamlined as possible. For those interested in diving deeper, we’ve created the Covenant Membership Expansion Packet. This Expansion Packet, while meant to elaborate and expand upon the material in the Handbook, remains supplemental and is in no way required reading. Refer to it as little or as much as you’d like.