Kids & Youth

Partnering with parents to reach and raise the next generation for Christ

Our Mission

Mercy Hill Kids (Nursery thru 5th grade) and Youth (6th thru 12th grade) ministries exist to partner with parents to reach and raise the next generation for Christ.

Children are a precious gift from God and we cherish each one. We also understand that with each child it's as if God brings the boundary line of the mission field to us. They represent a "people group" yet unreached with the gospel. We believe that every parent is called by God as a missionary to their children. The Great Commission to make disciples (cf. Matt 28:18-20) doesn’t begin only once we’ve crossed oceans or traveled to foreign lands, it begins in our living rooms—with our families.

It is our desire, therefore, to partner with you in this high calling that together we might see your children come to know and grow in the grace of our Savior!

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Our Volunteers

In light of these convictions, we take our Kids and Youth ministries very seriously.  We believe that our volunteers are not mere "babysitters"—they too are missionaries, sent ones of God! Their call is to show and share the Good News of Jesus with your children at whatever age or stage. We count it such an unspeakable privilege to do so. Thank you for granting us this gift!  If you are curious about the application process for our volunteers click the button below to learn more!

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Our Curriculum

Mercy Hill Kids ministry makes use of The Gospel Project curriculum.  We think that this Christ-centered, chronological curriculum is uniquely positioned to help us fulfill our mission. In every study, whether we are in the Old or New Testament, your kids will be brought to see how Jesus is the point of it all and the One they too so desperately need. The curriculum also comes with material for parents to help you follow up with your kids and go deeper into the Scriptures and into their hearts and lives.

Our hope in this is that, not only will your kids come to understand more of Jesus and the gospel, but you as a parent will start to feel more equipped and able to minister to them as well.  We know that being a parent is hard and not everyone is sure how to go about reaching and raising their kids for Jesus.  By engaging with us in this material, we trust you will start to grow . . . right along with your kids! 

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Mercy Hill Kids

Mercy Hill Kids holds classes for Preschool and Elementary children (2 years thru 5th grade) every Sunday unless otherwise noted.  Kids can be checked in to their classes before the start of service and can continue there until the service ends.  Our Nursery is not currently staffed but we do have a Mother's Room adjacent to the Sanctuary where parents can care for their littlest ones.

Note: On occasion, we hold Family Services where children sit in the service with their parents.  On these Sundays, we will provide coloring sheets and pre-packaged crayons for you to make use of.  The Mother's Room here again serves as a space to make use of if necessary.

Mercy Hill Youth

Each Sunday, the youth (6th thru 12th grade) remain in the Service with their parents and are encouraged to learn and worship along with the larger family of God.  On second Sundays of the month (unless otherwise noted) the youth meet after the Service to enjoy free pizza, make new friends, share prayer requests, and discuss matters of faith.

Note: We also try to schedule regular times of fellowship and fun for the youth throughout the year.