Sunday Service

Sunday Service

Every Sunday, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Mercy Hill Church, 820 Steinbeck Drive, San Jose, CA US 95123

Contact: Christine Liu |


COVID-19 Adjustments:

We are now happy to offer both in-person and online options for participating in our Sunday Services!  Find relevant details below . . .

Option 1: In-Person

The in-person option will be held outside on Sundays at 10:00am in the pavilion around the back of Allen at Steinbeck Elementary.  Park in the school's main parking lot and follow the Mercy Hill signs to the pavilion.  Here are a few more things you need to be aware of:

  • Safety:  Significant efforts are being made to ensure that these in-person gatherings are safe and in compliance with the state and county guidelines.  We want the most vulnerable among us to still feel welcome to gather with us.  But we need your help.  Please review Mercy Hill's Reopening Plan & Guidelines (found here) to see what we are asking of you (e.g. ensure you are healthy before coming, maintain social distance while gathering, wear a mask, etc.).
  • Seating:  The venue has a decent amount of seating around picnic tables (which we will clean and space appropriately) but you can feel free to bring your own chairs if you'd like as there is ample room for that as well.
  • Children:  Children are most certainly welcome, but we are not currently able to provide anything for them.  They will need to stay with you during the Service and maintain social distance from any other children or adults outside of their immediate family members.  Feel free to bring anything you feel might help them stay occupied during the Service.  There is plenty of space and even a grassy hill in the back if you wanted to bring a picnic blanket and hang out!  Note: We will still be providing online classes for Preschool and Elementary kids on Sundays after the Service beginning at 11:30am.  Our Services will likely end around 11:00am or so.  This will give you time to get home and get those kiddos online to learn about Jesus!  (For more on this, see here.)
  • Sunday Service Worship Guides:  In an effort to keep everyone safe, we will not be providing paper bulletins.  Instead, you can find a Worship Guide for each Sunday's Service online which you can pull up on your phone/tablet during the Service or print from home beforehand.  The Worship Guide will be available on Our Blog at 8:00am the morning of.
  • Simple & Streamlined:  These Services will, of necessity, be a bit simpler and more streamlined.  We will likely sing fewer songs and preach shorter sermons.  Because of this, please do all you can to arrive on time (or even early!) to make sure you don't miss anything!
  • Cancellations:  Because we're meeting outside (and because this is 2020 after all!) we realize that we may have to cancel this in-person option from time to time depending upon weather, smoke, changes in county guidelines, etc.  If any changes are to be made, we will make the call by 8:00pm the Saturday before.  At that point, updates will be made to our website and we notify you via all our communication channels.  On these Sundays, we would still look to provide an online option for people to engage from home.

For our in-person Services, in order to comply with the county's guidelines, we need to do our best to keep record of who joined us each Sunday.  Because of this, we ask that you please register in advance of every Sunday you attend.

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Option 2: Live stream

Some of you may still feel it is unwise or unsafe to gather in person.  We understand!  We invite you instead to join with us online for our Sunday Service Live Stream!  We will now be streaming our services each Sunday at 10:00am via our Mercy Hill Church Facebook page.  If you don't have a Facebook account, no worries!  You can still check the stream out on our Mercy Hill Live page.  You won't be able to chat with friends or interact with the video, but you will be able to watch the Service.  Remember to also head on over to Our Blog to get that Sunday's Worship Guide dropping at 8:00am the morning of.

Watch Live on Mercy Hill's Facebook Page      Watch Live on Mercy Hill's Website       

Note: Streaming outside as we are, there is always the possibility of experiencing technical difficulties.  If this happens, we are SO sorry!   We will also be recording the Service so that, even if the stream has issues, we will hopefully still be able to get the content up for you later in the day.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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