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April 18, 2021 - Sunday Service Worship Guide




Good morning Mercy Hill and happy Sunday to you!  If you're new with us, we just wanted to extend a special welcome to you.  Feel free to fill out a Connection Card to get more info or prayer.  We're glad to have you with us!

Fill out a Connection Card!

If you're gathering with us in person, please don't forget to register if you haven't already.  If you're tuning in for the Live Stream, we'd encourage everyone to please consider taking a moment to put a comment in the chat box there.  Let us know who you are and maybe where you're tuning in from.  Say hi.  We miss you!  And as we get into the message, feel free to share other Scriptures that come to mind, prayer requests that you have, questions that you'd like answered, etc.  It would be great to interact even in this limited format.

Call to Worship

Good Good Father

Oh, I've heard a thousand stories
Of what they think You're like
But, I've heard the tender whisper
Of love in the dead of night
And You tell me that You're pleased
And that I'm never alone

You're a Good, Good Father
It's who You are
It's who You are
It's who you are
And I'm loved by You
It's who I am
It's who I am
It's who I am

Oh, and I've seen many searching
For answers far and wide
But I know we're all searching
For answers only You provide
‘Cause You know just what we need
Before we, say a word

‘Cause You are perfect in all of your ways
Perfect in all of your ways

Oh, it’s a love so un-deniable
I, I can hardly speak
Peace so un-explainable
I, I can hardly think
As You call me deeper still
As You call me deeper still
As You call me deeper still
into love, love, love

TOday's Announcements

Here are a few critical announcements to keep in mind:

  • Sunday Prayer Walk: Lord willing, we will be gathering after service next Sunday, April 25th at 1:00pm to do a prayer walk in the local neighborhood! So grab lunch after the service, and consider joining us to pray for our neighboring community, as we hope to have the opportunity to share the gospel with those who are open and ready to engage. We'll have a brief time before the prayer walk to discuss what to pray for, so we invite anyone regardless of experience to join and learn.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Chris Keener at .
  • Ladies Online Coffee Date: Women of Mercy Hill—Join us on April 25th at 2:30pm for an online coffee date. We will have the chance to connect with different women one-on-one for short bursts of time—speed chatting! This is an easy going, no fuss, no homework gathering just to enjoy fellowship with one another and maybe meet a new friend! We'll provide the icebreakers and conversation starters.  You just come ready to have a good time.  Find the links to RSVP and join the Zoom call here!
  • First Sunday Family Services: As things continue to open up, we've now established a First Sunday Family Service rhythm. While families are certainly welcome to join us in-person every Sunday, on the first Sundays of each month we especially invite our families to prioritize gathering together in-person with the rest of the church body.  For the service, families can sit at the covered picnic tables or bring a blanket, a tent, or pack-n-play to help corral the kiddos if needed.  We will be providing a simple craft and activity sheets for the kiddos during the service but will not be providing any snacks.  The water fountain is also off limits currently so please plan ahead.  If needed, we do rent out a porta potty that families can use.   An in-depth video about our safety measures and other important information can be watched here.  A  map of the outdoor service area can be found here.   (Please Note: We will NOT have the online zoom class during these First Sunday Family Services.)  To learn more about the in-person Sunday Service and to register your family, go here.  NEXT FIRST SUNDAY FAMILY SERVICE: MAY 2, 2021.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Christina Lugo at .
  • Communion Elements: We will be taking communion together immediately following the sermon. We have prepackaged elements at the Welcome Table.  If you haven't already picked them up, feel free to do so now. For those joining virtually, please plan to have those items ready as well.
  • Mercy Hill Kids Online Worship: Mercy Hill Kids is meeting at 11:45 am (both Preschool and Elementary class). Go here to read more and to find a link to sign in!  For more information, please contact Christina Lugo at  .
  • All Church Prayer: This Sunday's All Church Prayer meeting will be hosted online  via Zoom tonight.  Please go here for more info and the link to join!
  • Home Groups: Many of our Home Groups have moved to a hybrid (in-person + virtual) format.  Whatever your comfort level with meeting, you're welcome to come check one out.  Find one to join here.  You are not alone!

Today's Sermon

If a Kiss Could Kill (Part 2): A Word to the Betrayed
Text: Luke 22:47-53
Preacher: Nick Weber
Manuscript: If you appreciate following along with written material, you can find today's manuscript here.

Call to Response

1.  Sing:

Come As You Are

Come out of sadness,
From wherever you've been
Come broken hearted,
Let rescue begin
Come find your mercy,
Oh sinner come kneel
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can't heal

So lay down your burdens,
Lay down your shame
All who are broken,
Lift up your face
Oh wanderer come home,
You're not too far
So lay down your hurt,
Lay down your heart,
Come as you are

There's hope for the hopeless,
and all those who've strayed
Come sit at the table,
Come taste of the grace
There's rest for the weary,
rest that endures
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can't cure

Come as you are
Come as you are
Fall in his arms
Come as you are

There's joy for the morning,
Oh sinner be still
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can't heal
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can't heal

Nothing But the Blood

What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh, precious is the flow,
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Nothing can for sin atone
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Naught of good that I have done
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

This is all my hope and peace
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
This is all my righteousness
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

2.  Pray:

If you need prayer in any way, please either: (1) fill out a Connection Card; or (2) post your request to our Mercy Hill Community Facebook Group.  We’d love to be lifting you up and caring for you in this time!

3.  Give:

If you’d like to give an offering this morning, you can give online here.  Thanks for your generosity!

Mercy Hill Kids

While difficult, this pandemic does create a wonderful chance for parents to step towards their God-given call as chief disciplers of their kids.  We know this may feel overwhelming and that is why we want to help!  Parents of Mercy Hill children should have already received an email from the Director of Mercy Hill Kids, Christina Lugo, regarding ways you can utilize the Gospel Project curriculum at home.  This information has also been included on our blog here.  Beyond this, most Sundays, we are also hosting an online worship gathering for our kids.  You can check here for more details.  We'd love to have you join us!

If you have any questions or need help in any way, don't hesitate to reach out to Christina at    

Have a Wonderful Week!