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Christmas Weekend "Watch & Worship" Service - Worship Guide



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Mercy Hill and welcome to our Christmas Weekend "Watch and Worship" Service!  If you're new here, we just wanted to extend a special welcome to you.  Feel free to fill out a Connection Card to get more info about us or to request prayer.  We're glad to have you with us!

This Week's Announcements

Here are a few critical announcements to keep in mind:

  • Important Reminder: This Christmas Weekend "Watch and Worship" Service is taking the place of our regular Sunday Service this week, which means we will NOT be meeting in person or online this coming Sunday, December 27th.  These will be resuming in the new year on Sunday, January 3rd.  See ya then!
  • Mercy Hill Kids Online Worship: That said, Mercy Hill Kids DOES still plan to meet this Sunday at 11:45am (both Preschool and Elementary class), so join us via Zoom as we switch back to our missions series - this week will be on 'God Loves My Country'. Then we will start the Gospel Project Bridge which is a shortened curriculum through the New Testament!  Go here to read more and to find a link to sign in!
  • Foster The Bay Partnership Opportunities: Foster The Bay has curated Christmas Wishlists to help you give directly to Foster Families in the Bay Area. Purchasing from these lists is a tangible way to show our neighbors the love and generosity of Jesus this Christmas season. You can find links to the Amazon wishlists hereIf you’re interested in finding out more about how to get involved in the heart and mission of Foster the Bay, they host virtual interest meetings every month and it is open to all! To RSVP, visit fosterthebay.org/rsvp.
  • End-of-Year Giving: As you consider making any end-of-year donations, please prayerfully remember Mercy Hill.  We are grateful for your partnership with us for the sake of the gospel in this city.  It's your generosity that makes all we do possible!  For information regarding ways to give, check the link here on our website.
  • Home Groups: Many of our Home Groups have moved to a hybrid (in-person + virtual) format.  Whatever your comfort level with meeting, you're welcome to come check one out.  Find one to join here.  You are not alone!
  • COVID-19 SOS Form: If you or anyone you know needs help during this challenging time, we'd love to do what we can!  Fill out the form here.

This Week's Sermon

A Thrill of Hope
Preacher: Nick Weber
Manuscript: If you appreciate following along with written material, you can find today's manuscript here.

Pause Points

Pause Point #1:

  • For Adults:  It's been a hard year.  How is your hope?  As you look forward to the year ahead, in what ways are you feeling hopeful?  In what ways are you feeling weary?
  • For Kids:  What do you hope to get for Christmas this year?  Why?  [If watching after Christmas: What do you hope to do during your winter break?  Why?]

 Pause Point #2:

  • For Adults:  Proverbs 13:12 says that “hope deferred makes the heart sick . . .”  Have you ever experienced this?  Have you ever attached your hope to something that only left you feeling more hopeless in the end?  Tell the story.
  • For Kids:  Have you ever gotten something you really wanted but found it to be not as great as you’d hoped?  Are there any Christmas gifts you were so excited to receive last year that seem old and uninteresting to you this year?

 Pause Point #3:

  • For Adults:  In what way does Jesus provide us with a more lasting hope—a “living hope” (1 Peter 1:3)?  Can you see how He brings what you’ve been longing for all along, or does such a thing still seem far-fetched and unrealistic to you?  How does Christmas change your perspective on both 2020 and 2021?
  • For Kids:  How is Jesus the best Christmas gift of all?

 Extra Credit

If you're interested in considering the subject of hope for the hopeless and light in the darkness further, Christine Liu had previously released a wonderful video on her YouTube channel we encourage you to check out!

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