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Family Worship Guide - March 8, 2020

3/8/20 | by Nick Weber

Greetings Mercy Hill! Thank you for being flexible in the face these difficult circumstances. Because the news of our building’s closure came to us with such short notice, we did not think it plausible to try to either hold an outside...

    Installing Elders

    10/24/18 | by Nick Weber

    At Mercy Hill we define the office of Elder as follows: Elders are under-shepherds of Christ, appointed by the Holy Spirit, through the church, to serve by leading, especially in the ministry of gospel word. We take the process of installing new...

      The Church's Body Image

      7/6/18 | Church Vision & Strategy | by Nick Weber

      Membership in a Body It is important to note at the start that the church does not get her language of “membership” from secular culture but from 1 Corinthians 12.  Listen to Paul, as he writes to the local church in...

        Mercy Hill Kids & Youth: Our Mission Explained

        6/21/18 | by Nick Weber

        Mercy Hill Kids and Youth ministries exist to partner with parents to reach and raise the next generation for Christ.  “To partner with parents” There are two mistakes that are commonly made with regard to children’s...

          Sunday Funday

          8/3/16 | Church Vision & Strategy | by Nick Weber

          A New Initiative Meaningful community is hard to find in Silicon Valley, even in the church. The pace of life around us is frenetic; the jobs we hold are demanding, if not domineering; the grid we travel is congested; the neighborhoods are often...

          The 20/20 Vision

          1/12/16 | Church Vision & Strategy | by Nick Weber

           How’s your vision? Are you farsighted? Nearsighted? Are things always a bit blurry? Or is everything in focus? If we want to function at full capacity in this world, if we want to experience the manifold richness that this life has to...