From Creation to Redemption

In the beginning, God's Word went forth: "Let there be light" (Gen 1:3). The Spirit of God hovering over the face of the deep joined Himself to that Word with explosive, creative effect. And the universe was born.  As it was with creation, so it is now with redemption--God's new creation in Christ (2 Cor 4:6). God's Word is preached and, when it is accompanied by the power of His Spirit, man is born again. Sinners are saved and saints are strengthened, all by His grace and all for His glory (cf. Gal 3:1-6; Act 20:32). May God be pleased to use these sermons in your life to this end!

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If Stones Could Sing

If Stones Could Sing


Series: Luke: All Things New

Category: Kingdom of God, Redemptive History, Cross of Christ, New Covenant, Creation & Nature

Passage: Luke 19:28-40

Speaker: Nick Weber

Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on the colt of a donkey.  He is presenting Himself and is even momentarily received by the people as King.  But it will not last.  Ours is a fickle faith, a petty praise.  But He is not done with us.  Just as the stones in creation and in the temple will sing out in adoration, so too the Savior is able to soften our stone hearts and set them to song.  Oh Jesus let it be so!